The Transavia Story - Building a High-performance Digital Organization

Transavia has started a few years ago with a journey to become an organization that not only can cope with, but also benefits from change. In the highly competitive landscape with competing (ultra-)low cost carriers it is crucial to be able to create an environment in which employees can quickly learn new skills and adapt to changing circumstances. The operating model of Transavia is based on holacracy and key practices adopted are Agile, Lean, and Lean Startup. To further increase the quality and speed of IT delivery, this year DevOps principles and practices have been added to the mix, in order to create a culture of high-performance, such as the concept of end-to-end responsible teams, ownership, a performance mindset, and talent management. During this talk key learnings of Transavia's DevOps journey will be shared.

Rik Farenhorst

Rik has approx. 15 years of experience in the IT domain and has built a rich leadership, management, consultancy and academic track record. His core skill is to create and innovate, while leading and growing high-performance teams.

His main passion is helping organizations to survive in this digital era, i.e. help them accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new IT capabilities. He likes to challenge the status quo, and has a strong vision and hands-on experience in many of the leading paradigms that constitute digital transformations (e.g. Agile, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud).

In his current role as CIO of Transavia -- the Dutch low-cost airline that makes low-cost feel good -- he is driving the digital transformation agenda to create tangible value with IT for both Transavia's passengers and its employees.