The Essence of the Service Reliability Architect - A Tolkien Analogy

The SRA, Service Reliability Architect, is a new role implemented at Infor. Inspired by the responsibility of Google’s SRE, the SRA’s responsibility is the care of our services to customers and their users. In this talk I will elaborate on the role of the SRA, the responsibilities and how we act as an SRA through an analogy with Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I will explain the difference between the traditional architect and the service reliability architect as well as how the SRA covers the Why, What and How of Infor’s business services.

Iwan Eising, Infor

Iconoclastic is what characterizes Iwan Eising. Developing an ESB when nobody knew the acronym, explaining why ESB’s were not the solution once the acronym was on everybody’s lips. Defining Docker as an indicator for bad architecture debt and prophesizing that Project Management is a task of the past. As Arc-E-Tect he blogs and tweets about how he experiences the world of and around IT, expressing his iconoclastic view on IT.
Iwan has worked and lived around the globe, from the US to Pakistan, Egypt to Denmark, Switzerland to Scotland and the Netherlands. In 1983 he was out of primary school, 33 years later, in 2016 he started part-time teaching science and technology at a primary school, teaching gifted children how to solve problems, apply engineering skills and think out of the box, heck, think without boxes. Spending most of his professional time as among IT architects, sometimes disguised as one, you can also find him on a regular basis in rooms coaching teams and management on how to think differently to become more effective.