The service catalog as central hub for automation and education.

Continuous Integration? Check. Continuous Delivery? Check. What’s next?

After implementing CI/CD you’re done with DevOps, right? Far from it. Standardization and a centralized service inventory is key to get the most out of your precious time spent on automation and understanding your platform.

 This talk is about taking your platform automation to the next level and nudging your fellow developers into the right direction. At Travix we do this by building a manifest-based service catalog where development, operations and business meet. We reward developers for sticking to conventions by scoring their applications and requiring them to keep less metadata up to date. The metadata itself is used to deploy applications, provision service accounts, configure pub/sub topics and subscribers, visualize dependency graphs and more.

Jorrit Salverda, Travix International

With over 15 years of experience in engineering highly interconnected systems Jorrits focus has shifted towards automating all processes involved in building, releasing and operating applications in Travix’ ever expanding platform.

At Travix he has spearheaded the CI/CD adoption and now pushes for further standardisation to make operating the platform and its applications easier so developers can spend more time on business logic instead of basic plumbing or constant firefighting.

Outside of work he enjoys making his home as climate friendly as possible.