Workshop Reliability Engineering

You need to improve the reliability of your systems, but where do you start? How do you engineer a reliable system anyway? 
In this workshop we will interleave theory and practice to help you get a better understanding of Reliability Engineering. We will look at aspects such as managing risk, how to design your monitoring, what patterns to implement to improve the resilience of your systems, and how to make Platform, DevOps and SRE teams work together. This workshop will not only be about technology, but as much about process and organisational improvements.
As part of the workshop we will play a small game where we put you in charge of a fictional systems landscape, one that suffers from low reliability and where outages of different kinds are frequent. You and your team need to improve availability, stability, agility and performance by selecting the right architectural patterns and DevOps practices. However, you will be forced to make difficult choices: do you invest in redesigning your architecture or focus on implementing new features, do you solve these major stability problems now, or wait for a new release. Ignore P1 incidents at your own peril?
You can use the insights gained during this 4 hour workshop to improve your existing IT systems and make your customers happy. 

Edo Poll, Xebia

Edo is an IT architect specialized in Software-, Solution- and Enterprise IT Architecture. He does not merely focus on the “technical” content, he also pays attention to the organization, processes and the people. Both the business and IT side of things.
Edo likes to act as an intermediary between business and IT, development and operations, applications and infrastructure, (senior) management and specialists. He is working on assignments for companies that are operating entirely in the “digital world”, focussing on e-Commerce and e-Service, and all required innovation in these areas.

Edo is known as an “idea” person, talented at conceptualising and communicating his ideas very well to all levels of an organization.