From the Moon to the Cloud: Daily DevOps Life

In 2015, IT put a Man on the Moon: our metaphor for doing DevOps. Transforming ourselves to an organization with teams that "Build it, Run it, Love it!", complete autonomy and ownership running their services. 

This way of working has really enabled us to grow and scale, to 70+ teams nowadays. With benefits all over the place, it's been an educational and bumpy road. We experienced first-hand that there’s a difference between DevOps theory and practice. Is it really DevOps when DEV’s don’t wake up at night? Or when you don't run everything in the cloud (yet)? How about Business, are they involved in DevOps too? 

In this talk we'd like to share our experiences: of transforming, of day-to-day DevOps, the best practices we discovered and the learnings we picked up along the way. We'll dive into our rich history but we'll also look ahead, at our new DevOps challenges & cloud adventures.

Frederieke Ubels,

When Frederieke Ubels joined in 2001 as a bookseller, she never thought it would be for life. She also never thought to become an IT project manager, let alone a change & transformation manager.

But 17 years have passed in the blink of an eye, and has grown from 35 to 1.500+ people. Frederieke helped the company in its transition to agile/scrum in 2009, and has been responsible for continuous improvement and scaling of this way-of-working ever since.

In 2015 she introduced the DevOps movement to, transforming the IT organization again to ensure its scalability. This helps grow, stay ahead of the competition and hold its leading role in (e)commerce in the Netherlands and Belgium