The Monitoring Maturity Model - Towards Predictive IT

 Today's infrastructure is constantly evolving and continue to span multiple environments. As the complexity increases due to cloud and microservices initiatives, traditional IT operations monitoring approaches fall short to deliver stable infrastructure. 

When an issue occurs, it is left to the IT teams to root-cause issues by assembling teams, processes, tools and manually piecing together siloed data fragments. That's not efficient and requires a different approach. 

To provide you with some guidelines we created the Monitoring Maturity Model. During this talk, we'll discuss the 4 levels of monitoring and explain the steps you need to take to improve your monitoring approach.

Lodewijk Bogaards, StackState

Lodewijk Bogaards is a StackState co-founder and CTO. Lodewijk combines deep technical skills with high-level technical vision. If he’s not working on StackState, Lodewijk might be found playing squash, answering questions on StackOverflow or meditating.