How do you create a winning team?

Marc Lammers

Author of "Flow - from good to Gold" and well-known speaker about team coaching and motivation.

Marc Lammers is an example of a modern coach. He is the former head coach of the Dutch women's national field hockey team. 

Marc is not only an avid sportsman, he is also a unique innovator. From 2001 to 2008 he was national coach of the Dutch women's national team. Despite many crisises he won the European Championship (2003), the Champions Trophy (2004), the European Championship (2005), the World Championship (2006), the Champions Trophy (2007) and finally the Olympic Games (2008).

Marc is well-known for his innovations. There was even a verb named after him: lammering. He uses a lot of technology in his modern style coaching, such as video glasses, analysis software, new hockeysticks, heartbeat meters and earphones.