Kubernetes Pressure Cooker

Your organization has chosen to adopt Kubernetes for hosting and all of a sudden, all feature teams have to start deploying their applications on a cluster instead of just uploading it to a server. This can be quite daunting as Kubernetes introduces all kinds of new concepts and configuration files The characteristics of your application might need to change to be ready for the world of cloud native applications.
This workshop starts from the ground up to get all attendees up to speed on how you should deploy an application on Kubernetes. During the workshop we’ll combine theoretical parts to explain concepts within Kubernetes with practical parts where we’ll gradually build out the deployment of our application.
Starting off with just a simple ‘Hello world’ we’ll end with a multi-tiered high available application running on a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments
  • Familiarity with a programming language such as Golang, Node.JS or Python.
  • Basic knowledge of Container technology such as Docker and/or Rocket is required

Eric Nieuwenhuijsen, Xebia

Enthusiastic and passionate about new techniques. Uses the latest techniques to drive value for your business and doesn't get stuck in best practices. In the fast paced IT world it’s important to keep innovating as standing still is the same as moving backwards. 

Eric likes working on technologies to improve the self-service capabilities of teams to create more time for your platform team to keep expanding the system they are maintaining. With a background in programming and IT operations he has grown into somewhat of a DevOps role and this gives him the ability to write the glue code to tie all used technologies together.