Keynote: DevOps transformations – The anti-transformation transformation

The transformation towards DevOps and Agile is like no transformation undertaken by organisations before. The principles and ideas are different to previous transformations where an “end-state” was to be achieved. We all tend to agree on what a mature state of DevOps looks like, yet so few are able to achieve this when starting from a legacy enterprise organisation. What is holding us back? What traps are set along the transformation path? And how can we avoid those and achieve the goals we are setting for ourselves? Mirco will explore these questions and more on the back of his experience with many large complex enterprise organisations. He will deep dive into the problem but will also provide guidance on how to progress. It will be a bumpy ride, so strap in.

Mirco Hering

Mirco is a Managing Director at Accenture and leads the Agile & DevOps practice in Asia Pacific with focus on Agile transformations, DevOps and Test Automation.

He has for over a dozen years worked on accelerating software delivery through innovative approaches (what would now be called DevOps) and 10 years ago started experimenting with Agile methods.

He started using Agile as a last resort when one of his projects was faced with ever changing requirements resulting in frequent updates to the project plan. Adopting an Agile methodology turned the project around and he has been promoting Agile principles ever since.

He supports major public and private sector companies in Australia and overseas in their search for efficient IT delivery. He shares his experiences on and while speaking at international conferences. He is the author of "DevOps for the Modern Enterprise", a book helping companies adopt Agile & DevOps and push through the transformation barriers caused by legacy technology and legacy thinking.

DevOps Summit Amsterdam Mirco Hering