Guide, lead and let go. How ABN AMRO is approaching its CICD & DevOps journey from a tooling, organization and people perspective 

ABN AMRO is a leading bank in Europe with 22,000 employees and 5,000 associates working in IT. In 2015, we started our CI/CD journey, and currently 400+ agile teams are putting CICD into practice. 

Getting so many people and teams moving towards agile, CICD and DevOps has not been easy. It has been very challenging and it required a specific mix of organizational and behavioral changes supported by IT capabilities.

During this session I will share our approach towards tooling, the organizational setup and how teams & individuals dealt with this.It will be an open story on the good and the bad, the best practices and the pitfalls and our dealings with urban legends like scaling, autonomy and mindset. 

Ellis de Haan, ABN Amro

Ellis is an example that CICD and DevOps is not only about IT, but also about mindset. A year ago, with only 1 year experience in IT, she became manager of the IT Value Chain department which is responsible for the implementation, maintenance and roll-out of a.o. CICD.

With her background in consultancy and process management within ABN AMRO, she brings together the knowledge of IT geniuses and her experience in change management to drive the transformation towards DevOps.

Her vision is one IT Value Chain for the whole IT organization which makes the life of engineers easier and more fun.