Creating the DevOps flow

Successful companies constantly challenge themselves to bring the best solutions for their users. At WeTransfer, the user is at the core of what build and simplicity is our mantra. WeTransfer looks simple; it's just one page, right? Well behind that one page is a whole tangle of complexity – with multiple products, a legacy of technology, processes, and structures.  
As the company has grown as well as the competitive landscape it has become increasingly important for us to build up the momentum in how we innovate and deliver value to customers. 
This talk is about how we're untangling that legacy and creating our DevOps flow to help WeTransfer evolve into our tenth year and beyond. I'll also be sharing our learnings and challenges on the importance of clear leadership, ownership, and culture."

Rati Zvirawa, WeTransfer

Ratidzo has a passion for technology and it’s use in building solutions that make life better. Having had experience in building software as a software engineer, enabling customers as a solutions engineer and leading products as a product manager - she approaches user challenges from a unique perspective.

Currently, she is leading the Platform Team at WeTransfer to build a PaaS solution to enable their product teams to innovate faster. Her vision is to enhance the flow of engineers by providing them with seamless services, tools, and process.