First Step to DevOps: Building Technical and Organizational Confidence Through Automated Deployments

UWV is a Dutch government agency responsible for the collection and payment of social security for all employees and for helping unemployed people (back) to work. UWV needs to comply with emerging regulations and customers demands within a complex IT landscape that has evolved over decades and has a traditional Prince2 – waterfall based development culture. Delivering mission-critical software without failure is one of the core themes, especially since every unavailability of their applications generates lots of negative publicity. 

We started with Deployment Automation to create more stability in our infrastructure. Our core challenge was to build trust to change faster and more often in a change aversive culture. This presentation is about our journey and how we pave the way for DevOps in a government agency.

Mieke Deenen

Mieke is an independant consultant leading innovative change projects for industrial and governmental organizations. In her current role she works as Project Manager Deployment Automation for UWV, the governmental organization responsible for collection and payment of social security benefits for all Dutch employees and unemployed.