Portbase goes to the Cloud and finds DevOps

Portbase connects all parties in the logistics chains of multiple Dutch ports. Using the Port Community System allows the to work more efficiently and at lower cost. Portbase belongs to and serves the port community and is a non-profit organisation.

One year ago Portbase set a very ambitious goal to move everything to the cloud which included their 15-year-old monolith. Main objectives were to be able to deliver better and faster and to allow more innovation. They wanted to leverage SAAS solutions as much as possible and to become cloud-native with everything newly created. The more they moved into the cloud and the faster they got it became more obvious that they had to adapt DevOps to keep up with their own pace. 

Robert Jan Erkelens, Portbase

Robert Jan is an organizational leader who helps companies transform and make strategy happen. Besides vision and strategy, decision making and organizing concrete action is required for tangible progress.

Robert Jan believes in people, craftsmanship, and way of working to turn technology into agility and business value, but if needed he uses technology to enforce change. Robert Jan enjoys removing obstacles or waste so that others can excel.



Armin Coralic, Xebia

Armin is a technical leader who helps companies make a digital transition, from setting a technical vision for the IT department up to overseeing or creating an actual solution. Just start doing DevOps or introducing a new technology is not enough, for success changing the mindset and simplifying things is as important. Armin loves to push the boundaries by less work and more impact.