Going to the Cloud is not about technology - lessons learned on our DevOps journey

NN Group, a 2 billion euro result multi-national financial services company with more than 15,000 employees, embarked on a cloud journey 4 years ago. But what started as a cloud program evolved soon into a DevOps journey which triggered the start of a huge transformation of how we do IT at NN.

During this session I will share our most important and expensive lessons learned and will zoom in on topics like: how to efficiently build a cloud platform for scale and speed, how to find the right balance between freedom for the application team and being in control of our IT systems and data, and most importantly, what change is needed on an organizational level to make this transition to cloud and DevOps work.

Leon Kortekaas, NN Group

By day managing cloud, by night building towards a new IT mindset and company culture. With his lively energy and an eagerness to succeed Leon strives towards creating the best cloud infrastructure and a versatile organization able to leverage new technology.

Currently, Leon is IT manager at NN Group. In this role, he is responsible for cloud and CI/CD. His goal is to transform NN and the way it uses IT so it can leverage the benefits of cloud and automation. Before NN Leon worked at an IT security company and a consulting company in the transport innovation sector.