How to move from one release per month to multiple releases a day using Azure DevOps

In this workshop you will learn how you can use Azure DevOps and modern release techniques and patterns to improve your release cadence. We will help you understand the latest DevOps trends and insights in modern technologies that enable you to release multiple times per day. This workshop is a combination between getting your hands dirty and sharing experience and knowledge around Azure DevOps.

In the workshop we will have hands-on labs where you can work on one or more of the following techniques:

  • How to set up CI/CD using azure DevOps
  • How to use Configuration and Infrastructure as code
  • How to set up branch policies on Git and ensure compliance
  • How to use feature toggles to move application into production without disrupting end users
  • How to use manual and automated release gates
  • How to add telemetry (app insights) to the application and gather hypothesis information
  • How to use telemetry to monitor availability
  • How to make DB schema changes and avoid system downtime
  • Use Blue Green Deployments on Azure WebApps
  • How to containerize an existing application and use containers as an alternative delivery mechanism

We have very experienced proctors available to guide you through the hands-on labs. If  you want you can also bring your own application and we can help you set up these techniques in your scenarios.

Pascal Naber, Xpirit

Pascal helps companies embrace Microsoft Azure and build large scale distributed systems with modern architectures based on microservices. Pascal works as an Azure Cloud Consultant at Xpirit. He is the co-founder of the Dutch Azure Meetup and is awarded by Microsoft with the MVP award for Microsoft Azure. In his spare time he enjoys killing monoliths, just for fun.



Michiel van Oudheusden, Xpirit

Michiel is one of the lead consultants of Xpirit and, next to Azure development work, is interested in ALM, VSTS, DevOps, HTTP APIs and containers. He is eager to learn about new technologies in both software as well as hardware and constantly tries to see where he can apply those.