Becoming agile and reliable in a DevOps organization by applying architecture  

Organizations struggle with developing AND running systems reliably in an agile manner. With Dev and Ops coming together in DevOps this has not changed. Dev traditionally desires agility and Ops mainly strives for reliability. Typically, organizations starting with DevOps want to deliver new functionality faster to the business while balancing time-to-market with agility and reliability all the time.  

Often a small team starts off with an isolated, low risk business function and the team is able to keep the right balance. Over time, as solutions mature, multiple technologies and teams are getting involved, more features are being requested and developed, it starts to struggle with staying agile and reliable. Mainly, because the complexity and dependencies in the IT landscape grow. In essence,  the IT landscape is agile and reliable as the sum of all its parts. This struggle can have negative impact on reputation, revenue and growth. We believe that applying architecture to your IT landscape helps to keep the right balance between time-to-market, agility and reliability.

In this talk we will explain how you can incorporate IT architecture from a role and process perspective in your DevOps organization as a quality measure and not as a burden in order improve the pace in delivering new features to the business while remaining agile and reliable.

Tom Höfte, Xebia

Tom's career in IT started as a developer, over the years, he fulfilled different roles within project teams varying from developer to lead architect. This gave him a deep knowledge and understanding of IT technology and delivering IT projects throughout the complete life-cycle, from concept to grave. Skills that he considers crucial to act as Lead Architect. 
Tom is a strong advocate of a lean way of working with focus on customer needs, the end product and delivering fast with the highest quality. Delivering challenging IT projects in the front line of IT that is what he is passionate about.